Jeevan mushroom started with a humble tribute to his grandfather’s work in this
sector. Founder of Jeevan Mushroom Mr. Shanker Lal Meena and his wife Mrs.
Kanchan Meena (Co-Founder) started this venture with a vision to promote a
sustainable livelihood support mechanism for arid farming community. Due to
acute shortage of water Rajasthan’s agrarian sector becoming more challenging
for the farmers and agriculture becoming a burden due to natural calamities.
This time this couple comes-up with a unique solution for arid-zone’s first
spawn production lab.

Mushroom known as super food and its availability increasing day-by-day in
Indian Market. So does the opportunity for farmers. But there is a big gap
between Arid Zone farming community in terms of   Commercial Spawn
Production, Supply, and Marketing.  Local level arid zone centric commercial
mushroom spawn lab would be great fit, but no one in the area is offering
yet. Our per capita of mushrooms consumption is the lowest in the world which
is 40-50 g against the 3 kg in the developed countries. This poor consumption is
mainly due to non-availability of mushrooms in most part of the country for
most of the year.