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Portobello Mushrooms

Rich, organic Portobellos: Nature’s savory perfection awaits you.

Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Grow exceptional oyster mushrooms with our premium spawn.

Frozen Mushrooms

Savor convenience and flavor with our premium frozen mushrooms.

Pepper Agro Mushroom Spawn

Grow excellence with Pepper Agro Mushroom Spawn varieties.

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Master Mushroom Cultivation

Master Mushroom Cultivation

Explore our learning hub for expert insights on growing mushrooms. Unlock success with practical cultivation knowledge.

Cultivate Mushroom Excellence

Cultivate Mushroom Excellence

Nurture premium mushrooms with our carefully crafted spawn, sustainable practices, and expert cultivation guidance for success.

Monetize Your Harvest

Monetize Your Harvest

Join our community, access resources, and explore collaborative ventures to turn your cultivated mushrooms into profit.

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Explore features for a flourishing harvest.

Premium Mushroom Spawn

Cultivate superior mushrooms with our meticulously crafted spawn varieties.

Community Collaboration

Collaborate, share, thrive together in our vibrant mushroom community.

Sustainable Practices

Embrace eco-friendly methods for thriving mushrooms and a healthier planet.

Customized Solutions

Work with us for personalized mushroom cultivation solutions and success.

Expert Guidance

Access expert tips for successful mushroom cultivation and abundant harvests.

Culinary Inspiration

Discover mushroom recipes for culinary joy and gastronomic exploration.

Our Mushrooms
We supply fresh and beautiful mushroom
Portobello Mushroom image

Portobello Mushroom

We have highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting a remarkable range of Fresh Organic Portobello Mushrooms.
Oyster Mushroom Spawn image

Oyster Mushroom Spawn

We are successfully established producer, supplier and exporter of Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Seed)
Frozen Mushroom image

Frozen Mushroom

We are engaged in exporting, manufacturing, distributing, supplying and trading of Fine Fresh Frozen Mushrooms

Pepper Agro Mushroom Spawn

We’re populated in exporting, manufacturing, wholesaling, trading and providing a pleasant tested array of Pepper Agro Mushroom Spawn
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn

Shiitake Mushroom Spawn

We are renowned producer, supplier and exporter of Ganoderma Mushroom Spawn (Seed)
Ganoderma Mushroom Spawn

Ganoderma Mushroom Spawn

We are major producer, supplier and exporter of Ganoderma Mushroom Spawn (Seed)
Milky Mushroom Spawn

Milky Mushroom Spawn

We are prestigious producer, supplier and exporter of Milky Mushroom Spawn (Seed)
Yellow Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Yellow Oyster Mushroom Spawn

We have highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting a remarkable range of Yellow / Golden Oyster Mushroom Spawn.
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Jeevan Mushroom transformed my cultivation journey with premium spawn and expert guidance, ensuring consistent high-quality yields. A beacon of excellence!

Suresh Kumar

Jeevan Mushroom's diverse spawn varieties offer flexibility. Valuable blog insights, but website navigation could improve. Overall, a worthwhile choice for enthusiasts.


जीवन मशरूम ने मेरी किसानी को बदला। उनके उत्कृष्ट स्पॉन और मार्गदर्शन से मैंने उच्च गुणवत्ता प्राप्त की है। एक सशक्ति की रौशनी!

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Fresh Agaric Mushrooms


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Comprehensive Cultivation Support

Benefit from expert guidance throughout your cultivation journey. From setup to harvest, we provide the knowledge and support for guaranteed...

Premium Mushroom Spawn

Unlock excellence in mushroom cultivation with our premium spawn varieties, meticulously crafted to ensure robust growth and superior flavor.

Eco-Friendly Cultivation Methods

Choose sustainability with our eco-friendly cultivation methods, fostering healthier mushrooms and contributing to a greener, more sustainable...

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Culinary Delights: Mushroom Recipes to Try
Culinary Delights: Mushroom Recipes to Try

Mushrooms are not just an ingredient; they are a culinary delight, offering a spectrum of flavors and textures that elevate any dish. In this blog post, we’ll explore some mouthwatering mushroom recipes that showcase the versatility and richness of these fantastic fungi. 1. Creamy Mushroom...

Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation Practices
Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation Practices

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, sustainability has become more than just a buzzword—it’s a way of life. As conscientious stewards of the environment, mushroom cultivators are embracing sustainable practices that not only enhance the growth of these fungi but...

The Art of Button Mushroom Cultivation
The Art of Button Mushroom Cultivation

ntroduction: Embark on a fascinating journey into the art of cultivating button mushrooms, a delightful and versatile variety that holds a special place in the world of fungi. In this guide, we’ll explore the secrets and techniques to successfully cultivate button mushrooms, transforming...

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