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Our mushroom spawns are the finest of the finest quality. They help our cultivator family with a fast yield of superior quality. Mushroom growing in India is becoming really popular as a promising source of income. But without proper knowledge, the practice becomes redundant and the yield is not satisfactory. Thus, we personally take you through the growing process. These super-foods require a suitable environment and farm setup. Jeevan Mushroom helps its growers to enhance their land and field to support the maximum growth of mushrooms. Jeevan Mushroom aims at making each of its growers perfectly capable of championing this part of the process.

With an acquired experience of several years in the mushroom farming business, Jeevan Mushroom’s exclusive insights about spawning techniques and
cultivating methods are appreciated to a great extent by our growers. All this support combined with our finest quality spawns, anyone who loves mushrooms can become a talented grower.

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