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What makes Jeevan Mushroom an especially personal initiative to join because we won’t leave you halfway through. We are always in this together. For this final step, we use our network to help farmers sell their yield. You don’t have to be the desperate salesman for your product. Our extremely efficient marketing support and a web store make it a super smooth ride for mushroom growers to sell their yields at a reasonable cost.

Jeevan Mushroom launched India’s first Mushroom Lifestyle based web-store for mushroom consumers. We provide our cultivators with an online web store platform, where they can find fair-trade their listed products of primary producers. Additionally, an e-commerce platform for growers tailored for their custom requirements is a smooth way to enhance the growth of their business.
Our assistance to the growers doesn’t just end at this. We constantly source them business ideas and tricks to enable them and inspire the basic spirit of entrepreneurship among the farming community.

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