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Health Benefits

Health Benefits
GMO-free organic products for healthy living

Kicks Up Your Metabolism

⦁ All kinds of edible mushrooms contain various amounts of protein and fibre

Increases Your Vitamin D

⦁ They also contain B vitamins as well as a powerful antioxidants such as selenium, which improves one’s immune system and prevents damage to...

Boosts Your Immune System

Some varieties of mushrooms have proved to be potentially helpful in protecting the body against cancer and preventing tumor formation.

Good for Your Bladder

There is some evidence that mushrooms may be beneficial for the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Gives You Antioxidants

Mushrooms have some properties that helps to lower cholesterol levels. This in turn then helps protect the heart by maintaining healthy blood...

Improves Your Heart Health

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what people say about us

This farm is amazing! Buyers and potential farmers can find tons of useful information and get a professional advice from mushroom farming experts! Well done.

Nick Jackson

I enjoyed learning about mushrrom farming and different kinds of this wonderful product! Thank you for quality time and delicious recipes! I wish to start a farm!

Julia Moore

A perfect combination of exotic sophisticated species and expert farming technologies allowing us to try some of the finest mushrooms in the county. Delicious!

Nathan Smith
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Jeevan Mushroom provides comprehensive learning support to ensure a never-failing yield. Moreover, with our personal guidance program, we ensure...


Our mushroom spawns are the finest of the finest quality. They help our cultivator family with a fast yield of superior quality. Mushroom growing...


What makes Jeevan Mushroom an especially personal initiative to join because we won’t leave you halfway through. We are always in this together...

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