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About Us

About Us !
Jeevan Mushroom is an agrarian-based initiative by. The chief goal of this venture is to inform, train and establish mushroom growers across the nation.
With our ambitious LEARN-GROW-EARN policy, we want to bring to the nation a culture of cultivating high yielding mushrooms which will help farmers become self- sufficient and run their businesses independently. We’re dedicated to bringing to the farmers and eventually consumers, exceptional quality of mushrooms in the nation.

The rise in demand of these super-foods is a fast growing business opportunity since the yield and farming are not a well established industry yet. Although, with Jeevan Mushroom, we aim to concur this field. To establish a well planned industry for farmers to invest in and profit from. At Jeevan Mushroom we want to guide our farmers each step of the way, from learning how to grow, to earning from the yield.
Driven by our extremely productive methods of guidance and technique, the founders have established the first commercial mushroom spawn center that delivers the highest quality spawns to the farmers. Our motto, “Mushroom 4 Life” is a derivative of our unending will to contribute to the farming community.

Jeevan Mushroom is currently operational from an arid zone of Rajasthan, India via three skill development centers (SDC) in collaboration of star skill by the endorsement, approval, and certification of the government along with several other projects.

Our Team
Meet the specialists that work at our farm
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith
Mushroom Farmer
Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer
Joe Carter
Joe Carter
Melissa Cox
Melissa Cox
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Jeevan Mushroom provides comprehensive learning support to ensure a never-failing yield. Moreover, with our personal guidance program, we ensure...


Our mushroom spawns are the finest of the finest quality. They help our cultivator family with a fast yield of superior quality. Mushroom growing...


What makes Jeevan Mushroom an especially personal initiative to join because we won’t leave you halfway through. We are always in this together...

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